EST 1951 Craftsmen, Watchmakers & Jewellers Opening hours are 9.30am - 5pm closed on Wednesdays A specialist in Vintage watches and jewellery. We stock watch brands such as Walsh Brothers Swiss Watches by Verity, Lorus, Pulsar, Limit and more. We are now stocking Darlington Glass who offer a large range of Crystal glass, Paper Weights and Vases.
 EST 1951 Craftsmen, Watchmakers & Jewellers Opening hours are 9.30am - 5pmclosed on Wednesdays A specialist in Vintage watches and jewellery.  We stock watch brands such as Walsh Brothers Swiss Watches by Verity, Lorus, Pulsar, Limit and more.We are now stocking Darlington Glass who offer a large range of Crystal glass, Paper Weights and Vases. 



Watch Repairs and Battery Replacement


We can service and repair most leading brands, including re-seals and
use only the finest 'Renata' brand batteries in our battery replacements.


Clock Repairs


We have our very own Specialised Clock Maker with 30 years experience
in the trade and we will be able to service and repair most clocks at your convenience.


Jewellery Repairs


All jewellery is repaired on-site in our own workshop. We can do anything
from charm soldering to re-mounting.